Somewhere In-Between

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“We have to figure out how to commit to the fierce pursuit of joy with one another”

Brittney Cooper



My name is Elise Ashkin-Baker. I’m a black woman, a teacher, an activist, a traveler, a writer, a student, a lover, a sister and so much more.

This website is all about my inner musings through this journey called life. I share them with you in hopes that you see some of yourself in them.

My writing is deeply personal. Deeply political. Deeply painful and beautiful.

I care so much about this world and the beings in it, and I struggle so much being a part of it.

I ask nothing of you but to open your heart and hear my truth.

Whether you agree, disagree, are offended or disturbed, can relate, see beauty in, or enjoy my work, that is valid.

I decided to call this page ‘Somewhere In-Between’ because on so many different levels I find myself somewhere in-between what I want to be, and what the world wants me to be. Somewhere in-between who I want to be, and who I am. Somewhere in-between loving and hating, happy and sad, wrong and right. But always somewhere in-between.





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