The Vessel

2019-01-01 20:38:27.038.JPG

My body is brown and plump

With lines from my bellybutton to my pubic bone

Lines down my hips and onto my bottom

Lines down my breasts

Lines down the small of my back

I carry with me everything I have ever experienced

You can see it in my body

You can see depression in the way my breasts hang

You can see anxiety in the way the lines dart this way and that like lightning

You can see an eating disorder in the way my belly protrudes

You can see stress in the knots in my shoulders

You can see tiredness in my feet

You can see love in my eyes

You can see tenderness in my hands

You can see ferocity in my lips

You can see confidence in my walk

You can see anger in the crease between my eyebrows

You can see happiness in my jiggly thighs

You can see passion in my brown skin

My body is my greatest burden and my greatest blessing

She is the vessel for my mind

Elise Ashkin-Baker