My Temple

My body in the sun.

My body in the sun.

I’m awake because I’m stressed. Because my body has been disrespected time and time again and I just let it happen. My temple, my shelter, my sweet brown skin molested and disturbed while I watched from above. I shouldn’t have allowed something so precious to be used that way. I didn’t know the worth of my own body because of what society has socialized me to believe.

But now I know.

I have returned from my time away and I am back. Back knowing that I’m perfect exactly as I am. With all of my perfect flaws. With the taught skin that creates lightning bolts on my hips and my stomach. And the round chocolate nipples that might one day give life. With standards and ideals that worthy person must meet to gain access.

I don’t disrespect her anymore.

I cherish her as she is.