He Showed Me


He taught me what it means to be loved exactly as I am

He showed me what it is to love someone with all of your heart, to love them fiercely and beautifully without even having to think about it.

I miss him.

I miss what could have been that is now over

I love him

I loved him

He knew I loved him like nothing in this world

I showed him that without ever trying

And I know it doesn’t stay that easy. But for him I would do all of the hard work a million times over.

He is my soulmate

He is one of my soulmates

And I will see him again

We are connected by something beyond this earth

It will be, once again.

A love like that never dies

It can’t be explained or understood no matter how hard we try.

It is something like magic but it doesn’t have a word.

It’s beyond words, and beyond thoughts

It’s even beyond feelings.

It’s something incomprehensible and we must forever be thankful to have been immersed in it’s glow

I want to tell you what it is, but there are no words.

Elise Ashkin-Baker