It Is My Job


I am a black woman.

I have caramel colored skin and 3c curls.

My birth father was black.

I am a black woman.

I was raised by 2 white parents

My birth mother was white.

I have lighter skin

And that means I have more privilege

But that doesn’t take away from my blackness.

It is a conundrum being someone of mixed heritage.

I am accepted by the black community and I am ridiculed for being too white.

I am accepted by the white community and I am discriminated against for being too black.

It means that I simultaneously belong everywhere, and nowhere.

It is the job of all people with any amount of privilege to use it to help others.

To use it to fight injustice at every level.

Men need to use their male privilege to address issues perpetuated by the patriarchy.

Rich people need to use their socioeconomic privilege to speak about the inequities of our capitalistic society.

White people need to wake up and dedicate themselves to using their white privilege to end the continued assault on people of color.

I need to use my light skin privilege to combat colorism and fight for women of color to be heard, and listened to.

I need to use my socioeconomic privilege to shout from the rooftops about the financial burden of simply being a black woman in this world.

I need to use every tool I have

Because its unfair that I have privilege and others don’t

It is my job to fight injustice

Because I have the privilege of being able to.

Elise Ashkin-Baker