He helped show me what it is to be loved as I am, which helped me on my journey to self love, and somehow I deluded myself into believing I was done and I now loved myself.

Am I dumb?

I was wrong.

He left me and now I have to continue my journey.

What I thought was the end was only the beginning.

He got me on the right path and then knew I had to do the rest on my own.

I have to love myself not because someone else loves me and sees me as worthy.

I have to love myself outside of that simply because I am me.

I have to love myself for everything I am and everything I do.

For the way my mind works unlike anyone else’s.

No human is identical we are at once the same and totally different, there is only one me.

And I am living my life and no one else’s, am I going to sit back and enjoy, with love in my heart for others but most importantly for myself? Or am I going to fight that love and watch my life drift by.

I am me and only me.

I will never live any other story but my own.

I am my own world.

I am my own greatest love.

Elise Ashkin-Baker