The Fierce Pursuit Of Joy


‘We have to figure out how to commit to the fierce pursuit of joy with one another’ -Brittney Cooper

Queer Eye reminds me that there are so many truly good people. People who are open and honest and loving to all. People with a sense of duty to help those around them and give back to the communities they serve. There is beauty in this world and some humans embody it. Some of us get it right.

But we have lost each other, divided by invisible barriers . And because of this division, nations are falling and humanity is collapsing. But not all is lost for we can easily fix what we have broken. Its as simple as reaching out to those around us. Putting aside differences with acknowledgement, and openly asking and listening and hearing and understanding. With a warm heart receiving all people and working together towards a better world.

If only it were that simple.

But people lose their way. And they do bad things. And they make mistakes. But then again don’t we all lose our way? At some point or another? Or maybe at all points? Maybe we live our lives having lost our way and that is what life is.

And I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that if everyone got the resources they needed to help them find their way. They would. And for the exceptions, for example I think of the current pdresident of the United States. People who have all the resources to become better people but can’t. I hope they die. Not now. Not suddenly. I hope they die naturally at their predestined time. But it is time for them to move on because this time right now.

This is our time.

We are the future and we choose to find one another, wherever we are at, and hold one another, we want people to be free.

We want freedom from the gender binary that has suffocated people for far too long.

We want freedom from the patriarchy that has done its best to destroy every kind of woman.

We want freedom from white supremacy and colonialism.

We want freedom from capitalism and vast inequities.

We want freedom for our future generations.

So that they may one day feel the breeze through the trees on a mountain top.

But none of it can happen if we don’t open our hearts to one another.

I am imploring us all, myself very much included, to spread love everywhere we go. A little bit of kindness here and a little bit of understanding there.

We can change the world one hand squeeze at a time.

One look of solidarity.

One smile.

One laugh.

If only it were that simple.

Elise Ashkin-Baker